Monday, February 22, 2010

Revolve for the Future

Revolve 2010 Edition
Thomas Nelson Publishing

It's hard for a teen girl to fit in and be liked. It's even harder for a teen Christian girl to fit in and be liked. It's not like she can just break out her Bible in the middle of lunch period or study hall and have time with God. I mean, I know she could, be since religion is not allowed in most schools anymore, it makes things a little harder.

Revolove,The Biblezine, as it’s called, has a wonderful blend of quizzes, beauty tips and stories of kids doing good mixed in with the New Testamnet while looking just like a regular teen girl magazine. The format is easy to understand and it helps bring problems in today's society to be more understandable and relatable to the problems faced back in Jesus' day.

I think one of the new elements that I really enjoyed was the “goodbook” bios on the characters of the bible. The column is set up much like a facebook page with all the statistics of the character. There are also interviews with musical artists that the girls would be following. Free downloads are included as well.

I think one of the only downfalls is that since it’s set up like a magazine, it’s not as sturdy as a BIble should be. It will tear, bend, peel easily like a regular magazine.

Any teenage girl would love reading this. I know there is another version for guys as well. As a 28 year old I really enjoyed reading Revolve.


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