Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Problem With The World Is Me

The Problem with the world is me.  Yes, I admit it. I saw the little lady walking across the street and didn't help her though I felt led. Yes, I saw that kid being bullied and instead of walking over to defend him, I turned away and pretended like I didn't notice. Yes, I joined in the conversation of gossip and instead of stepping out of the conversation, I added my two cents.

Am I really being the hands and feet of Christ? Am I reflecting Him as I ought? No. I am trying to serve two masters. Well, my dear friend, it's not going to work. You see, you can't serve two masters. It's you or God. And since I am all about pleasing myself, making sure I have all the cool gadgets and all the top songs from the top artists, it's the almighty God being put on the shelf to dust.

Yes, the problem with the world is me.

Someday I will think of others before me. Someday I will serve God will a willing heart and cast all my earthly cares to the wind. Someday will carry my cross and truly follow Jesus not letting other influence my opinion on my beliefs.

That someday is today.

**Video and lyrics is of my favorite band downhere. check them out at www.downhere.com**


There's got to be some reason for all this misery
A secret evil corporation somewhere overseas
They're pulling strings, arranging things
It's a conspiracy

Or what about the ones who shape the course of history
What if we petitioned for one grand apology?
I'll write to my prime minister
You, write your president

Everybody's wondering how the world could get this way
If God is good, and how it could be filled with so much pain
It's not the age-old mystery we made it out to be
Yeah, there's a problem with the world
And the problem with the world is me

Some will say the devil and his legions
They put us in a headlock of submission
But they lost all power over me
A long, long time ago

And since I was a kid you know I've caused a lot of hurt
And no one ever taught me how to put myself first
It came so very naturally
But I'm not a prodigy

So I will look no further than a mirror
That's where the offender hides
So great is my need for a redeemer
That I cannot trust myself
No, I cannot trust my self
I dare not trust myself
So I trust in someone else

The sooner you can sing along
The sooner you can sing this song
The happier we'll be
The problem with the world is me



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