Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Why is it that when you wake up in the morning, you suddenly feel unmotivated? What is going on in your mind? I think I know what it is. It's the "easy" way out. I think that's why I am so far out of shape. Just the simple little thought, "Oh, I'll do that tomorrow," plays a big part. We are such procrastinators. We want everything NOW, but we always wait to do it "later". Then it never gets done.

Today I proved to myself that I could do it. I woke up this morning, feeling blah, knowing it was cold outside and didn't want to freeze my lungs. Then I made an excuse saying I w ill burn all those extra calories tomorrow at Zumba, so I won't do it. Plus, I am starting to get a nasty cough like I had at the beginning of November. I hope it goes away fast; I have a "date" with downhere, Jason Gray, and Lanae Hale coming up Sunday and I need to be in tip top shape to help run merch and be a strong supporter for them.

So, as I was preparing my morning tea, I rearranged my running/walking playlists and just decided to plop the headphones in and go. So I did. I dressed up, stretched and headed out.

I did my C25K for 20 minutes. I slowed down when I felt my lungs start to get fuzzy. I didn't run as much as I did last week, but at least I got a good amount of running in to still keep up with the schedule. AND, I still got up off my butt to run :)

I am learning every day that it takes a lot of discipline to refocus your brain. It's so easy to just not do something. But if you want results, you have to make an initiative and do something about it.


Twelvestone said...

Well said, Mindy! It's like... maybe we aren't actively putting our foot to the brake pedal, but we keep leaving the parking brake on!

Anonymous said...

So very true, Mindy. And it applies to many areas of our lives such as health issues, job issues, day to day tasks that need to get done, etc. Great blog post, think it gave me a little more motivation too! :-)

Ahoy! Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes life should be an open book and here you will find that true. My mind is always on full speed and I will be heading over many waves. I hope this journey is as much of an adventure for you as it is for me~ ~Mindy