Friday, October 09, 2009

5 Golden Rings and a Barking Dog

I have been waiting to do a review for this CD for some time now! I was one of the privileged few to receive an advanced copy of the album at our first downhomiepalooza in July. Let’s just say that I can’t stop listening to it! I can’t say anything bad about it, so I am giving every song a synopsis. Here we go!

How Many Kings~ This is the original version with a string section added to it. Still one of my favorite downhere songs.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen~ There is so much going on in this song! It changes directions through out the whole thing. But I LOVE it!!! So many different dynamics…

Angels from the Realms of Glory~ Great, great rendition of this song. One of my favorite Christmas songs and it was neat to see the making of this song. (see vid below…) I love the feel they bring to it. By starting simple, then building towards the end.

Christmas in Our Hearts~ a downhere original. A nice little reminder that even if they take "Christmas" out of every thing, Christmas will still always be in our hearts and we know that Jesus came to us that night to save us all.

Silent Night~One of my favorite versions of this song. It makes me tear every time I hear it. It also brings back many memories of my Grandma. Jason’s voice is amazing and Marc’s soaring vocals add so much emotion to this simple lullaby.

Good King Wenceslas~ "I ask you good king…Wenceslas!" Marc is so funny at the beginning of this song. It has a great groove feel to it. I feel my head bob to it all the time.

What Child is This?~ This has been and will ever be my favorite Christmas Carol of all time. Just Marc and the guitar. Marc also does a verse in French. Magnifique!

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella~ This is a downhomie favorite and we were ever so glad to see that it made it to the record. Another great Christmas Carol

5 Golden Rings~ I thought, "Oh no…they really didn’t add 12 Days of Christmas." Not going to give anything away on this one. Has to be my favorite track on the album. True downhere style….

Glory to God~ Another downhere original. This song can be found on the Bethlehem Skyline CD where we first got a sample of what downhere can do for Christmas music.

Gift Carol~ One of my favorite downhere Christmas originals. I love the chorus: There’s a gift marked for us/By the angel chorus/ Not in sparkling paper/ But a lowly manger/ Sealed in hopeful promise/ For every Doubting Thomas/ From God with love/ To all mankind. If that doesn’t sum it up right there how much God loves us, I don’t know what will.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas~ The only thing that I could think of on this one was "Shrek the Halls"- on bonus disc that came with my Shrek video when it first came out. So picture Donkey, Shrek, and the Gingerbread Man singing. If you can find a copy of Shrek the Halls then compare with WWYAMC....

How Many Kings Re-Imagined~ Marc sang the majority of the original HMK, now Jason takes his turn on this version and as he declares it in the video below, it’s "different". But in a good way. It took me a few listens to actually get into it. And now, I think I like this version a little more than the original.

So there you have it- downhere never ceases to amaze me with their talent. I’d say for their first attempt at a Christmas album, they have succeeded past my expectations. There is a nice mix for everyone and the downhere boys bring their love, comedy, and passion to this album. Way to go guys! I look forward to the next Christmas album in ten years.

Here are some vids of the Making of How Many Kings for your viewing pleasure. For more information about downhere, please visit:
The Downhere Offical Website
Centricity Music


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