Thursday, August 06, 2009

IN REVIEW: Matt Papa~Your Kingdom Come

Just when I thought that the Centricity Music people had gone and done it great with their last newest artist Lanae’ Hale, here they come around the corner once again with another great new up and comer. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I heard that Matt Papa was going to be releasing an album. But since I am a fan of all of Centricity’s work, I couldn’t wait to plop the headphones in.

When the first piano phrasings ripped into full blown in-your-face worship on “Hallelujah, Our God Reigns”, I was completely drawn in. I bobbed my head and found myself instantly singing along with the second chorus. The music is easily addicting and easily singable.

There is something for everyone. The guitar driven worship is great for those that want to rock it out for God. The more worshipful pieces, like “Open Hands”, are great for those looking for a prayer to strengthen their souls. Matt has a wonderful blend of praise and uplifting. Then he completely turns it around with “Woe to You”. Nothing like throwing in a little hit-you-in –the-stomach truth. Something this world really needs. I know that I was impacted by the lyrical plea for us to change our ways of religion and put God first in our lives instead of trying to bend the rules and make His word fit comfortably in our lives.

I highly recommend this album to everyone! I rarely find an album that smoothly flows into the next song or draws me in right away. I definitely have my favorite pieces that are on constant replay (“Hallelujah, Our God Reigns”, “Open Hands”, “Trinity”, “You Can Do Anything” “We Will Shine”, “117”). If you like the stylings of Third Day, Jeremy Camp, StellarKart, Jars of Clay, and Michael W. Smith, then you will enjoy Matt Papa’s newest endeavor.

For some extra goodies, you can download the chords for "Open Hands" here and have Matt teach you the chords here:

And you can check out more Matt Papa goodies here at his youTube.

For more information check out:

Your Kingdom Come will be releases August 18th!


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