Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well Worth the Wait!

From the moment I heard Lanae’ Hale on the Bethlehem Skyline Tour last year in Waukesha, WI, I couldn’t wait for her full length album to arrive.

It has been long awaited, but well worth the wait. From the driving beat in Back and Forth to the bubblegum Pop of “Let’s Grow Old Together” to the simple peace of the bonus track “Quiet Place”, Lanae’ has a well rounded debut album.

The first time that I heard the title track “Back and Forth”, I think I played it over and over. I forgot there were twelve other tracks that needed to be discovered.

With a wonderful blend of pop, worship, and rock, Lanae’ has captured the struggle of living in a world of me versus a world of letting go and giving in to God. With songs like “Here’s My Heart”, surrendering just seems a little easier realizing that God knows us and can change us, but without the surrender of ourselves, we can never be whole again. Then you go and feel your foot tapping and your head bobbing to the happy beats of “Beautiful Things”, “Burning Heartbeats”, and “Let’s Grow Old Together”.

And as a bonus, Lanae’ added “Quiet Place” from her previously released EP to finish off the album. Like a cool down from a workout, “Quiet Place” encourages you just be still, relax, and meditate.

I definitely have my favorites that are played over and over. A couple tracks took me a little to get into. But overall, Lanae’’s debut album is a hit in my book. I highly recommend it. If you enjoy unique voices in the stylings of Jewel, then Back and Forth is the album for you. Pick it up. Now.


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